Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Killing Lolcats in my sleep

The Internet is a great place for us to let loose and be crazy. I mean I'm all over this series of tubes, laughing at Sparta, Mordor, and attacking crab jokes! I was here when AYBABTU jokes were cool. So then, what's my point?

Here it is. I hate the Lolcat trend. It's like the anti-geek. Poor spelling and cutely posed animals do not say geek to me. The lolcats are everywhere, and they are rarely funny. And now there's something called ohm nom nom nom. I'd like to slap the idiot who though this was funny. The twelve year olds are "In your web, stealing your brains" When did this happen? We've let the 60 year-old widows and 8 year-old girls take over the web. This is still a geeks playground, and we need to take it back!

I say, keep your dumb cheeseburger and go hack up a hairball somewhere, as long it's not uploaded to the web on every forum I find myself in.

Am I alone in this? I don't see how that could be.


ReallyEvilCanine said...

Sorry, but despite being a serious, dyed-in-the-wool meme-hater, I love the lolcats as long as they're done right. I've done a few myself.

Just like the demise of USENET as AOLers got access to the real Net, so too is lolcat quality swiftly declining as n00bs try to join in, but there are still good entries coming in, allowing this happycat to retain a bit of his happy.

Anonymous said...

are you alone in this? you very well may be...

check this out: